Friday, 21 November 2014

Taiwan Part 2, 2 to 8 November 2014

Day Three: Cingjing to SML, Tuesday @ 4 November 2014

From Cingjing, it is all the way down winding roads to Sun Moon Lake (SML). It is the largest and most beautiful alpine lake in Taiwan. The lake scenes changes with the seasons.

According to legend, a long time ago a group of Thao hunters chased a rare and beautiful white deer for days, going up river valleys and across mountain ridges when they came across a beautiful lake.

First stop at SML was Wenwu Temple. It is devoted to the God of Literature, the God of War and Confucius.

The Wenwu temple overlook the SML

365 steps down to the pier. Did we go down?

Wenwu Temple

3D Wall Sculpture

Photo Bomb #1

Photo Bomb #2

Photo Bomb #3 

Owls are considered lucky for the locals

Day Four: SML, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Wednesday @ 5 November 2014

The 3 main piers at SML are Shuishe Pier, Kuanguang Pier and Ita Thao Pier. Our minshu, Lakeview Homestay is a just a short walking distance from Ita Thao Pier

Xuanzang Temple


Shuishe Pier in the background across the lake
'Naruwan' Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

The theme park grounds is huge. The theme park and the cultural village which is up on a hill is connected by the SML Ropeway cable car. You need a full day here to cover the entire village.

It was the first Wednesday of the month. The bad news was the SML cable car was closed for the monthly maintenance. The good news was we had the theme park all to ourselves and a bunch of students from a particular school. That means no queues for the rides!

European Palace Garden

We paid cash for this 18 room castle

All the rides are all inclusive but none dared to take this ride..the UFO

The indoor theme park..Aladdin Pavilion

They had an adrenalin thrilling ride going round and round the carousel. lol

Screen grab of the Gold Mine Adventure ride we had guts to ride.

Duh..we gave the Mayan Adventure a pass

Caribbean Splash.. pass..:)

The stage for cultural performances

Not bad eh?

One of the aboriginal tribes

If I'm not wrong, it is a chicken coop

It will be awesome when the cherry blossom trees bloom

Feeding frenzy

Literally feeding off our hands

Everyone had a KOI of a time!

Jumping for joy from our purchase lol!

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