Monday, 4 May 2015

Day 4 - Disneyland Tokyo

Well, it was a choice between Disneyland and Disneysea. And the children has decided..Disyneyland it is. Actually, we bought the tics to Disneyland and Universal Studio Osaka (USO) at the MATTA fair. Yup, we are covering two theme parks on this trip!

From Shinjuku, it is now to Nishi-Kasai to check into Best Western Nishikasai! Our 4th hotel in 5 nights! Best Western hotel provides shuttle bus service to both Disneyland and Sea.

We spent the entire day in the park. It was fun, cold and wet!


Disneyland checked!

I know, I know..2nd childhood. Disneyland lah..what do you expect?

Mom is even more excited than the kids!

At least the queue ain't long coz it is raining

Poor Mandy! Mom is at the wheel!

Well..the Japanese is an orderly society..look at the baby prams..all line up!

That's us Bankers!

We could not resist trying on the hats! Lol


The usual parade on main street

It culminated with fireworks at the castle but it was raining and much too cold for us to enjoy it.

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