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Hoi An and Danang, Vietnam, 11 to 15th December 2016

This is our third trip to Vietnam having previously covered Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Da Nang, a coastal city, is the 3rd largest city in Vietnam and Hoi An is a Unesco World Heritage site 22 kms from Da Nang international airport. Hence, a balance of an old town and a new bustling city.
Note: Metered taxis from Da Nang International Airport to Hoi An cost 560k (5k dong = RM1) dong plus tax whereas the hotel we stayed offers airport pick-up at 350k dong.

The flight to Danang was by AirAsia, it cost RM750 return with selected seats and travel insurance. The travel time took about 2 hrs and 40 mins.
Immigration was quick without the need to fill the visitor form and so was with Customs.

Hoi An situated along Vietnam's central coast is well known for its well preserved ancient town with many canals.  The former port city's melting pot history is reflected in its architecture,  a mix of eras and styles from wooden Chinese shophouses and temples to colourful French colonial buildings,  ornate Vietnamese tube houses to an iconic Japanese covered bridge.

We stayed at Golden Bell Boutique Hotel just off the old town. It just opened about 5 months ago. Good clean accomodation reasonably priced at RM150 per night and it comes with a good buffet breakfast considering it is just a small hotel.  This what I noticed even from our previous hotel stays in Vietnam.
Service was good and friendly.

November and December is the monsoon season. It rained almost our entire trip, a continous steady drizzle that last the whole day. It certainly dampened our walking tour of the famous old part of town. On the way to the old part of town, we had late lunch at the highly rated Ba Le Well restaurant. Take a seat, order your drinks and you be served in a jiffy a set meal of satay with dipping sauce, deep fried spring rolls, fried egg pancakes with bean sprout filling, pickled salad and a big plate of fresh raw vegetables. Unless you are famished, a single order for one is sufficient for a couple. We think it is only above average despite the many tourists and hyped.

Vietnamese coffee, strong, aromatic and robust roasted coffee

Egg pancake filled with bean sprouts

The old part of town.  All within walking distance.  Take a leisure walk,  explore the alleys & shops

The same dish at the central market

Their local 'tong sui'.  As a tourist,  she charged 20k dong just for a small bowl. Ask the price before ordering! 

Breakfast spread. Good selection. The soup noodle was nice. 

Weather reprieve on 2nd day. 

Along the river bank. There are boats for charter for a short river cruise or to the nearby islands. 

Some of the art houses found in the old part of town 

Cofee break along the way. Local Vietnamese coffee with egg yolk, delicious though. 

Their popular chicken rice. Our own Hainanese chicken rice is better . 

The famous Ba Buoi chicken rice shop

An Bang beach about 4km from town.  Rented a motorbike from the hotel for half day for about RM15. 

Stalls at the night market

River front at dusk. Great timing to snap some photos 

Serene and beautiful
Diamond Sea Hotel

Great views from 20th floor

Buffett seafood in town. The garlic oysters were delicious

Cao Dai Temple.  The religion founded in southern Vietnam in 1926 combines Confucianism, Taosism, Buddhism,  Christianity and Islam! 

The Lady Buddha can easily be seen from afar

My Khe beach aka China beach by GIs during the Vietnam war

The odd round bottom boats common in Vietnam. 

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